Artist's Statement

Earth Works and Outstallations

I currently have two Websites devoted to my sculptures, this one dealing with only the exterior assemblages. These might come under the category of Earth Works or Land Works, though some critics might argue that because I often use human made objects to their completion, they might be categorized in a different fashion. It is probably not my job to decide on a classification. I have a term for them that seems useful to me, and that is "Outstallations", though by any name they remain a form of assemblage art even though ephemeral in nature.

The other Website showing my sculptures is located at the URL, WWW.GRESL.COM. The work there consists of primarily assemblage sculptures that are designed to be exhibited indoors. There are many which are constructed in such a way as to be joined units, carried and hung as one object, and there are others which consist of several parts designed to be assembled at the exhibition site. Please visit that website to see a more comprehensive view of my work and resume.

This GreslEarthArt site was created to show my Outstallations, assemblages that are ephemeral, intended to remain for a brief time and then to naturally go back to the Earth or to be disassembled by the artist. These are an ongoing series of sculptures begun in 2008 which have been created as a result of my long term interest in Earth Works created by the likes of Smithson and his Spiral Jetty, Christo and his wrapped works, the outside work by many other artists, and because of my lifelong experiences in rural and wild spaces.

Additional practical factors have motivated the creation of these documented Outstallations. The cost of storage and moving of my interior assemblages is considerable. Instead of attempting to save and store the outside temporary assemblages, they are photographed for documentation, photos which thereafter can be printed with high quality methods to serve in exhibits. The printed photos become the representatives of the actual sculptures, and can be produced for display and offered for sale. Storage and movement are so much simpler and less expensive.

These photographs are professionally recreated as large pigmented ink prints on archival quality paper by large size inkjet methods, with each print of the sculptures being titled and signed by the artist. They are an art form in themselves essentially serving as the sole means to document, examine and enjoy the ephemeral sculptures. They are offered for sale on a limited direct basis, one at a time or in "suites". My partner in their production is Doug Krimmer, owner of MKE Studio, Millwaukee.

As this technique of creating ephemeral sculptures has evolved, there have appeared many of them...modular creations appearing at various sites in in various positions. Despite there being a large number of views of the same or similar outstallations there are only a few which become documented by the described printing process. These are carefully selected by the artist and produced in very limited numbers, often an individual print used for a specific exhibition. It is possible for a patron to inquire about a particular view with the intention of having an image printed. One must contact Gary about this possibility. Gary can be reached by email at, or by phone at 414-313-1682.

NOTE: No prints documenting Gary's work are considered originals unless they bear the title and Gary's signature in his hand.

If you have comments or questions, feel free to contact me by email at, or call me at 414-313-1682. I reside in Brown Deer, WI, a northern suburb of Milwaukee, WI.

Fine art by Gary Gresl