Gary John Gresl
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Born May 12, 1943

Brown Deer/Milwaukee, WI
Assemblage Sculpture
Assemblage Sculpture Earth Art Land Art

Gary was born on May 12th, 1943, in Manitowoc, Wisconsin and has spent his entire life in the state, having attended Manitowoc County Teachers College, the University of WI Steven's Point, UW Madison, with other classes thru UW Oshkosh and Silver Lake College, Manitowoc. He received a BS in Education with a Music Minor and undergrad art classes from UW Steven's Point. He taught in the Brillion, WI, public Schools for five years, and later, after receiving an MS from the UW Madison, worked in the antiques/collectibles trade for over 30 years. He taught adult education antiques classes thru UW Milwaukee, UW Sheboygan, Fond du Lac, Manitowoc, Mount Mary College, and lectured on the subject elsewhere.

Gary's MS from US Madison was from the School of Family Resources & Consumer Sciences, now called the School of Human Ecology, during which he took classes in History of Interiors, History of Textiles and Clothing design, Museum Training and Connoisseurship, Art History, and he wrote his Master's thesis about Harvey Littleton, considered the father of Studio Glassblowing.

After receiving his BS from Steven's Point in the 1960's Gary had produced a limited amount of art, but set that aside to give energies to teaching and to concentrate more attention in the antiques trade. In about 1983, after a long period of sensing he was a closeted artist that missed a calling he began painting abstract and non-objective acrylics which soon led to 3D additions and full blown assemblage sculpture. About 1986 he moved completely away from paintings solely concentrating on assemblages which employed a vast array of materials, organic and of human origin. The palpable 3 dimensional nature of sculpture and real objects was a reality for wich he felt an enduring affinity.

About 1984 Gary began serving on the State Board of the long lived organization, Wisconsin Painters & Sculptors (begun in the year 2000) and became its President. After an hiatis to deal with personal and business matters in the 1990's, Gary returned to sculpture production and involvement with WP&S, again becoming its President. (In 2008 WP&S changed its name to Wisconsin Visual Artists, Inc.)

In the early 2,000's Gary conceived of creating the Wisconsin Visual Art Lifetime Achievement Awards (WWW.WVALAA.COM) as a means of enhancing the reputation of accomplished regional artists, art educators, authors, and institutions. Working with the Museum of Wisconsin Art and the WIsconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters, he succeeded in forming the successful and respected organization. He served as CoChair of the WVALAA for five years and remains on the Nominating Committee.

In 2008, after ongoing reflection about the history of Earth Works/Land Art, Gary began a series of outdoor assemblages which often involve both found human made objects and naturally occuring materials. His exhibition record, critical reviews and other information can be viewed on Gary's first artist website, WWW.GRESL.COM.

(It may be of interest to the reader that in the 1980's Gary produced a series of photographs titled "The Red Board Series" which incorporated a red painted 2X4 board, having a spike in one end, which was placed in a variety of outdoor settings. These were precursors to the new work begun in 2008.)

To contact Gary by email go to, or by phone call 414-313-1682.

For more background information about Gary John Gresl please visit his other website devoted to interior assemblages at WWW.GRESL.COM, This will include his exhibiton record, reviews, compositions about art and many images of interior assemblage sculpture.

Fine art by Gary Gresl